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the only site on the interwebs to recognize the ageless wonder and sheer awesome dopeness of Michael Sullivan Holloway. 

I mean, seriously … look at this guy. Is he fucking dope, or what?
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After more than a century wandering the world, changing global events and influencing the lives of all those he touched, Holloway finally settled down in the sleepy Borough of Brooklyn, where he took up residence at the famous Brooklyn Inn ... he even has a drink named after him.
From the same five-block radius in Boerum Hill, Holloway built a 30-year career that has seen this dope-ass cold stone killer serve as counsellor to celebrities, advisor to minor dictators and ghost writer for icons of industry, government and entertainment.

Just as comfortable in the boardroom, the ballroom or an airport bar in Dayton, Ohio, Holloway has seen (and done) it all.
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Living by the life-affirming dictum 
"Awesome Ain’t Easy," 
Holloway recently extended his influence to upstate New York, where he holds court at the local saloons, models for locals artists and literally reshapes the ground around him in his dope image.
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A man of culture with a
Chat GPT-like knowledge of pop culture trivia (circa 1962 – 1987), this dope rock star even had a brief but memorable stint with the Irish musical legends U2.* 

* This is completely and utterly untrue … but it could be true, and that's all the matters.

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